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Angel's Love Pet Sitting

PO BOX 41373

Jacksonville, FL 32203


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Subject: Employment App

Cut and Paste into text box on form and submit.

Upon acceptance of your application, you will be required to provide us with a background investigation report.  THIS IS MANDATORY for the purpose of maintaining our liability insurance and assuring the bonding of all subcontractors who work for us.   We will instruct you further if considered.

Are you or have you ever been a registered sex offender with any federal, state or local government agencies?______________________________________________________

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?  Yes __  No __  If Yes, please explain:

Do you have any credit, criminal, or driving offenses?  Yes ___  No ____   If yes, please explain _________________________________________________________________

II. Work History
Company ____________________ Position Held __________________

Address ___________________________________________________

Phone ____________________Employed from ________  To ________

Supervisor ________________ Reason for Leaving _________________

Company ____________________ Position Held __________________

Address ___________________________________________________

Phone ____________________Employed from ________  To ________

Supervisor ________________ Reason for Leaving ________________

Company ____________________ Position Held __________________

Address ___________________________________________________

Phone ____________________Employed from ________  To ________

Supervisor ________________ Reason for Leaving _________________

Are you available for nights, weekends, holidays and short-notice assignments?

Yes __ No__ .  If No, what are your restrictions with regard to availability, physical limitations, health status, etc?  ______________________________________________

Are you available to do overnight visits in a clients home?  Yes __  No __

What parts of St Augustine would you be able to service__________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Do you have any dates in the future you can not work? __________________________

Do you understand there can be a lot of driving involved when working as a pet sitter? __

Do you understand that assignments may be sporadic and inconsistent and that there is no guarantee as to the amount of work that may be available at any given time?  __________

When are you available to start work?  _____________  Are you employed now? ______  Do you intend to continue at your current job?  _______

What other information should we consider that might influence our decision to have you work as a pet sitter? _______________________________________________________

In the event of an emergency, please print the name of the person we can call

First Name:____________________  Last Name:_____________________

Home phone:______________________  Cell phone:____________________

I certify that the above facts/statements/answers are true and verifiable.  I hereby give Angel’s Love Pet Sitting/AML PET CARE INC. permission to authenticate all information provided herein.  I understand that if any statements are found to be untrue, or if any pertinent information is omitted, my services will be terminated immediately.  I understand that the company may terminate my position at any time if reasonable explanation is given, and that the clients are the company’s to reassign to another sitter upon termination.  I may also terminate my position with reasonable notice to the company, preferably the customary two (2) weeks.

Signature of Applicant ____________________________________________

Date Received _______________




Angel’s Love Pet Sitting Independent Contractor

I.Personal Information
Name ____________________________________________________________

Home Address _____________________________________________________


Home Phone _________________________ Cell Phone_____________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________

Are you a U.S. Citizen?  Yes ___  No __  If NO, do you have working papers?

Proof of eligibility must be provided if applicant is not a U.S. Citizen

If you are chosen as an independent contractor, you will be required to drive to and from designated assignments using your own, reliable, personal transportation.  It is necessary to have a valid driver’s license and adequate insurance coverage. 

Do you have a valid and current driver’s license?  Yes ___  No ___

Do you carry current and valid auto insurance?      Yes ___  No ___

Insurance company _____________________  Type of Coverage ______________

Do you have a reliable car?  Yes __  No ___

Make/Model______________ Plate:_________________

III. References

Please list three (3) people, other than relatives or former employees, whom you have known for at least five (5) years.  Please provide name, address, phone number and

relationship for each reference.

1.      ____________________________________________________________

2.      ____________________________________________________________

3.      ____________________________________________________________

Do you have any pet ownership, pet care, or pet sitting experience?  Please list ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please let us know why you would be an asset to our pet sitting service_______________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What type of pets can you care for? ___________________________________________

Are you comfortable handling two dogs at a time? ______________________________

Can you handle a dog up to 50 lbs.?  _______  100 lbs.?  ______

Is there any type of pet you would prefer not to service?  If yes, why? _______________ ________________________________________________________________________

This position requires a great deal of flexibility and adaptability as to hours of work.  There will be early morning (6-9 a.m.) as well as late night (7-10 p.m.) visits required by some clients.  We get last minute calls frequently by clients, but try to give sitters as much notice as possible.  Our busiest times are weekends, holidays and summertime.  It is necessary that you are able to commit to a random work schedule.  Animals must be seen regardless and we are responsible for them once taking the assignment on.